Alkyd Resin Plant Manufacturer

Alkyd resin plant manufacturer

stainless steel alkyd resin reactor

alkyd resin plant manufacurer



Alkyd Resin Plant: Chemical Machine Resin Plant is the key equipment for producing all kinds of resins, such as

Alkyd resin, Acrylic resin, PET resin, epoxy resins, ABS resins, Polyester resin, Unsaturated polyester resin, , Amino resin, curing agent

The whole set of equipment includes reactor, vertical fractional column, horizontal condenser, water storage tank, oil spill tank and piping (dilution kettle). All parts of the equipment that contact with the material are all made by stainless steel.</>

Resin reactors

*Model selection reference of resin production equipment

Composition Instructions
Main Reactor The size, material, heat transfer systems, mixing systems, sealing systems of reactor according to client’s specification
Dosing Vessel According to the client’s demand, it adopts gravity tank, gravity mixing tank, gravity dispersing tank, gravity emulsifying tank.
Distillation Device Vertical condenser, horizontal condenser and separator.
Vacuum system All kinds of vacuum pumps, buffer tanks.
Thinning Vessel The size, material, heat transfer systems, mixing systems, sealing systems of thinning vessel according to client’s specification
Pipeline system According to the client’s demand, it decides the heating, cooling, vacuum and material pipelines, and including related valves, flowmeters and expanders etc.
Control System According to client’s demand, it decides manual, semi-automatic or full-automatic system.
Filter System Frame filter, bag filter or centrifuge etc.
Operation Platform Steel platform or concrete platform