Leaf Filter Manufacturer The Pressure Leaf Filter is a MS/SS Vertical Vessel with Filter Leaves inside. The leaves are mounted...

Leaf Filter Manufacturer

The Pressure Leaf Filter is a MS/SS Vertical Vessel with Filter Leaves inside. The leaves are mounted vertically on a common manifold pipe, through which the filtered liquid flows out. On the top, the leaves are held by a vibrating shaft. A mechanical vibrator driven by electric motor/pneumatic vibrator is provided for vibrating the leaf shaft for cake discharge. Jacket for hot filtration can be offered if desired Over flow, vent/steam/air charging, pressure gauge & safety valve are provided on the top.


The top cover is provided with devit arm mechanism for raising the lid for cleaning/ removing the leaves. “I” bolts are provided for quick opening and closing of top lid. A mechanical jack is provided to lift the top for cleaning/removing the leaves. Lugs are provided for mounting the PLF.


The Filter leaves filter on both sides and hence a large filtration area is obtained in a relatively small vessel.


  1. Pharma Industry

2.Oil industry: oil filter for decolorization, oil filter for dewaxing,oil filter for filtering the crude oil
3.Food industry: sugar, glucose, wine, fruit juice, soft drinks and so on
4.Chemical industry: petrochemical industry, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals (used in the process of the crystals separated from the catalyst for a variety of filtering separation).


Feature & Advantage

1.Reasonable structure,covering less area.
2. Efficient filtration,higher precision,lower loss of material (no need the filter cloth,filter paper or paper element,but only consume the filter aid)
3.Discharging the slag by automatic vibrating.Easy operation and reduce the labor intensity.
4. The mesh is made of stainless steel.No need to be changed.The product

Working Of The Pressure Leaf Filter

Leaf Filters are ideal for Solid-Liquid Separation & work on principle of Precoating & pressure. Pre coating is done with the help of suitable filter aid about 0.5 to 1% ( Bleaching earth , supercel, Hyflo, super flo etc.) mixed with the liquid to be filtered. Unfiltered liquid is pumped into the filter vessel. Initially the filter aid starts forming a precoat layer on both sides of the filter leaves, until then cloudy material comes out of the Filter. Once the layer is formed , Pressure starts developing, restricting the impurities. Clear liquid flows from both sides into the leaves ( filter elements), flows along the tubular channel & gets discharged from Bottom of the leaf. All the leaves are mounted on a common manifold. The leaves start getting choked on both the sides by impurities forming cake, which is in wet form. Once the leaves get chocked completely, the pressure rises to 3-4 Kg/cm² & the output flow almost stops.

The Pump is stopped & steam /air pressure is applied from the top ( without dropping the filter pressure) to filter the material around the leaves held up in the tank & to squeeze the cake further & reduce the liquid retention in it . The hold up unfiltered liquid in the conical portion is taken back.

In PLF the cake can be dried by steam /hot air & then discharged from the bottom with the help of mechanical/pneumatic leaves vibrator. The whole operation of cake drying takes 30-45 min, & cake discharge takes 5-10 min.

For wet cake discharge water spray nozzles are provided.

Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel ,PP with Leaves in Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L and materials as required. ‘O’ Ring sealings are available in Viton,EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon etc.
Each Leaf is made of 5 Ply of SS wire mesh of different gauge wires.Two outer filtering mesh are Hollander weaves and three inner Mesh are only for support. The 5 ply wire mesh are held together by a tubular frame & made leak proof by machine riveting. The quality of filtration & life of filter depends mainly on the quality of outer wire mesh & riveting.

ion can be continuous.