Stainless Steel Jacketed Resin Reactors

Stainless Steel Jacketed Resin Reactors For Unsaturated Polyester Resin Alkyd Resin and Epoxy Resin Application and introduction Resin reactors is...

Stainless Steel Jacketed Resin Reactors For Unsaturated Polyester Resin Alkyd Resin and Epoxy Resin

Stainless Steel Jacketed Resin Reactors

Application and introduction

Resin reactors is an special design mainly for all kinds of resin production ,Its consist of mainly reactor tank and condenser parts and also the buffer tank for the recycled the materials .The reactor is with drive motor and reducer , agitator ,cooling jacket and heating jacket, other accessories .

Resin reactors tank is widely used on all kinds of resin production line ,such as Unsaturated polyester resin plant ,Alkyd resin production line ,Epoxy resin plant ,Phenolic resin line ,Polyester resin production line ,and so on .The big advantage of resin reactor vessel is the easy operating ,and high efficiency and continuous batch production.


How it work

Resin reactors is driving by the main motor and the agitator inside the vessel rotating towards the inside wall ,The resins flows by the agitator blades and become average with the additives , The heating jacket will raise the temperature inside vessel , Meantime the cooling jacket use to control the temperature inside to reach the production temperature request , The condenser will cooling down the evaporate steams from the vessel into water and flow to the buffer tank and then collect to the reactor again , For some kinds of resins ,Like unsaturated polyester resin ,production need an blender tank which is two times capacity of reactor to dilute the materials..Two vessels working together to achieve the production request viscous.


Other advantages

The Resin reactor is made by stainless steel 304 or 316 by the parts touched the resin materials . Vacuum pump is attached for vacuum the vessel and feeding material .The capacity of the reactor is from 50-500000L ,can be customized by different production request .

It is easy control operation and maintain ,All the motor and is with emergency stop and start button to keep safty of whole working time. Motors are Ex-proof . All the meter panel and buttons are in same control cabinet , There is manhole on the top of reactor ,it is used for maintain and clean the inside reactors .

Heating jacket is covered the outside wall ,There are electric heating ,Steam heating , and magnetic heating for option ,based on the request of temperature needed and also the energy cost in the local.

Working platform are available ,We provide design and installation

All the resin reactors with accessories we will provide help direction installation in customer factory until it complete finished and training.



Volume of Reactor

500-20000L Stainless Steel reactor also customized up to 50 KL/ 50000 liters

Material of Reactor

Body SUS304/SUS316L for reactor MOC
Jacket SUS304/or carbon steel
Reactor – Jacket type Outer coil, Inner coil, Jacket
Heat exchange type of Reactor
Hot Steam, Electric,Oil,cold water suitable
Reactor Pressure Type Normal,Pressure,Negative Pressure
Surface treatment of reactor
Mirror, Matt, pickling passivization, sand blasting
Polishing accuracy Inside 0.4μm,outside 0.6μm

Our Reactor equipment / reactor kettle user free flow and semi solid Liquid Resin, Rubber and Adhesive , Pesticide , Agro chemical, Herbicide , Fungicide , Glue and Dye color , Food and Pharma, Chemicals, Minerals, Guar Gums, Starch, Pigment Colors & etc.

Reactor specification Reactor Volume
Reactor Diameter
Outer coil heat exchange area
Inner coil heat exchange area
Motor Power
Motor Speed
500L 700 900 750 2.438 2 2.2 60-100
1000L 1300 1200 750 2.867 2.6 3
1500L 1900 1300 1000 3.537 3.1 4
2000L 2300 1300 1300 4.165 3.8 5.5
3000L 3600 1500 1500 5.569 5.4 7.5
5000L 6200 1800 1800 10.323 16.1 11
10000L 11000 2200 2200 15.505 10.9 22
15000L 16000 2500 2500 19.932 29.5 30
20000L 23000 2800 2800 27.6564 37.9 37
Notice:Stirring speed exceeds 160rpm,using step less variable speed motor,step less speed change 0-1250rpm.

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Our Reactor range 3-4 KL, 4-5 KL, 1 KL, 1-2 KL, 2-3 KL, 100 litres – 25000 litres, 1-2 KL, 2-3 KL, 5 KL , 10 KL, 8KL, 12 KL, 15 KL, 20 KL, 25 KL reactor a wide range of chemical reactors kettle, chemical process reactor equipment, Bulk Drug Pharmaceutical API reactor, stainless steel reactor for bulk drugs pharmaceutical industry , Limpet Jacketed reactor demanding with used in petroleum refining, petrochemical industries, chemical, pharma, bulk drugs, pesticide, agro-chemical, herbal, etc for Liquid water base and Solvent base formulation, Solid-liquid mixing in Chemical, Food, , Ayurveda ,Pharma & Paints Industries , Lube oil / Engine oil petrochemical industries, chemical, pharma, bulk drugs, pesticide, agro, herbal, etc.

Stainless Steel Reactor with Mild Steel Plat form and operating panel

Reaction Kettle , Reactor consists of the reactor body, tank cover, jacket, agitator, transmission, shaft seal device and supporting plat form.

  • Application Resin Reactor for alkyd resin,epoxy resin,phenolic resin,acrylic resin,unsaturated polyester resin,polymer resin.
  • Glue/ Adhesive Reactor for Hot melt glue/adhesive,white glue,silicon glue,PVC glue,PVA,PU glue….
  • Stainless Steel resin Reactor and MS reactor Paint,pigment,other latex,emulsion and liquid glue and adhesive.
  • Resin Reactor Material, Reactor kettle  SUS 304 or SUS 316 , Jacketed SS304 or Mild Steel , MS etc materials with Heating way: Electric heating, oil heating, steam heating or firing heating. optionally with Structure type: Outer coil heating reactor, Inner coil heating reactor, Jacket heating reactor

Stainless Steel Resin Reactor Working Principle

Stainless Steel Liquid Reactors Specially Designed mixers for suitable application and construction with control of high temperature, Stainless Steel Reactor equipment with pressure and vacuum processes. These Reactor processes is necessary for the reactions of different mixture Products materials.

Our Reactor Range as below :

  • Chemical Reactors
  • High Pressure Reactors
  • Chemical Process Reactor
  • Chemical Reactor
  • Stainless Steel Reactor,
  • Limpet Reactor
  • Jacketed Reactors
  • Process Reactors
  • Industrial Reactor
  • Reactors Kettle
  • Chemical Vessel
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Chemical Vessels
  • Mixing Vessels
  • Jacketed Vessels
  • Fermented Vessels
  • Reactor Vessels
  • Bio-Reactors Vessels
  • Pressure Reaction Vessel
  • Process Vessels
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels
  • Agitated Vessels
  • Chemical Agitators Vessels
  • Stainless Steel Reaction Vessel
  • Reaction Vessel
  • Chemical Reaction Vessel
  • Receiver Vessels
  • Chemical Blenders
  • Chemical Blender
  • Powder And Liquid Blending Machine
  • Chemical Mixers
  • Dual Shaft Twin Shaft Mixer
  • High Speed Dual Shaft Liquid Mixer
  • Powder Mixture
  • Chemical Mixer
  • Liquid Mixers
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tank
  • Chemical Process Tanks
  • Reaction Tanks
Reactor Design
Body shape cylindrical, conical
Top / base shape flat, dished
Body size 0,1 to 50 m³
Material Stainless steel, duplex steel , Mild Steel carbon steel etc.
Material thickness up to 40 mm
Top / base up to 50 mm
Max. pressure 25 bar
Max. vacuum 758 mmHg
Vacuum generation pump (up to 730 mmHg), ejector (up to 758 mmHg)
Shaft Single / Multiple depend application
Blades cross bar, grid, wing, etc.
RPM< Up to 120
Surface: painted, brushed, polished, mirror polished, Matt as per customer requirement

Optional parts:

  • Product Sampling valves
  • Heating / cooling jacket
  • Various automation sensors
  • Eyeglass with lighting
  • Support frame, mounting brackets and platform
  • Lift system
  • Speed control
  • Remote control etc.

Our Reactor Equipment / stainless steel reactor vessel for Foods, animal feeds, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, construction materials , Export demand many countries like United States , South Africa , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Iran , Tanzania, Argentina ,Bangladesh , Canada , Thailand , Brazil , France ,Lithuania ,Netherlands ,Oman , Sri Lanka ,United Arab Emirates , Mexico , Vietnam Indonesia etc many more.