Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blender manufacturer Ribbon Blender is suitable for homogeneous blending and mixing of dry powders of different bulk densities used...

Ribbon blender manufacturer

Ribbon Blender is suitable for homogeneous blending and mixing of dry powders of different bulk densities used in the Food, Mineral, Pharmaceutical, Paint & Chemical Industries.

It is a simple versatile mixer which can also mix semi wet material. Ribbons of various designs are available to handle different materials. The Ribbon Blender mixer consists of a cylindrical shell inside which rotates a double helix shaft fitted with spiral inner and outer ribbons.

During rotation of the shaft, the ribbons lift, convey and intermix the material to get a homogeneous mass in short intervals. Discharge is from the bottom by a quick opening valve.

Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

Horizontal Ribbon Blender

This horizontal Ribbon Blender Machine has inner and outer ribbons in the U-shaped container. Individual section of the two ribbons can be cured with the kind of material, quantity and the proportion of the body. The ribbon blender mixer is suitable for the mixing of solid powder material. We have the perfect after-sales service and technical support.

Horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizers, dyes, food powder, feed, etc. It has a horizontal tube body, dual screw between inner and outer the special structure, running stably, high quality, low noise, long work life, easy installation, multiple functions. We also manufacture Large Scale Ribbon Blenders, Detergent Mixing Machine and Plastic Powder Blender, etc.

Each part primarily consists of a ‘U’ shaped trough horizontally mounted, with a longitudinal shaft with twin bladed construction. With guard net and lip made of stainless steel. For different mixing requirements, use different screw structure, rapidly & thoroughly mixing.
We manufacture superior quality Horizontal Blender Machine that is used for different blending, mixing and drying processes. This machine provides perfect homogeneous blends for dry, fine as well as coarse powders, grains and pastes.

Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender


The Horizontal Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender consist of U-Shape tank, spiral ribbon and drive parts. It’s widely-used in area such as food processing, chemical industry. It is suitable to mix small and dry powder or granular, including: milk powder, coffee powder, wheat flour, corn flour, protein powder, egg powder, chili powder, seasoning powder, spar powder, chicken powder, gourmet powder, cosmetic powder, washing powder, detergent powder and other food and chemical powder. The mix effect is high. The cover of the tank can be opened in order to clean and replace accessories easily.

Technical Specification

Ribbon blender Dry powder blender Horizontal blender
Stainless steel ribbon blender Pharmaceutical ribbon blender Powder blender

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Features of Ribbon Blender

  • Single speed drive.
  • Available for various working capacities between 5 to 25000 liters.
  • Advanced flush bottom discharge valve located in the centre.
  • Worm reduction gearbox.
  • Suited for atmospheric operation .
  • Stainless steel surfaces polished with utmost finesse. Exterior walls are painted with top-notch enamel paint.
  • Three phase induction motors ideal for 415 volts and 50 Hz.
  • Adequate discharge clearance owing to the blender mounted on supports.
  • Shaft sealing options available as per your specific requirements. Gland packing and double mechanical seal can be made available too.
  • Many other features.


Working Principle Ribbon Mixer Machine

Ribbon blender demonstrate true performance equipment when talk about chemical processing. At the same time machine is simple to use than even non skilled worker can operate it very easily. Blender work on two major principles – convective mixing and diffusion. Convective mixing can be understood as macro movement of large sized solids. The other type of mixing, diffusion mixing takes place when individual particles in front of the ribbon move in a particular direction and the nearby particles do not move at all or lag behind.

Material is fed from the top cover of the machine. Manual loading can be perform or we can offer optionally auto feeder for loading materials inside the bowl. As material process in both directions, there is homogeneous mixing performs in each time. After mixing process material get discharges from slide gate valve provided at bottom shell of the equipment.

The horizontal mixing vessel of the rubber blender is fed with the material from top by using the feeding devices provided and mounted near the cover. Since the horizontal ribbon blender causes material movements in different directions, you can expect astonishingly perfect homogeneous mixing. There are one or more discharge valves provided for material discharge.

Technical Specification of Ribbon Blender

Model Gross Volume approx. Working Volume approx. Power
RM-10 10 Liters 5 Liters 0.5 H.P.
RM-50 50 Liters 20 Liters 1 H.P.
RM-75 75 Liters 50 Liters 1 H.P.
RM-150 150 Liters 100 Liters 2 H.P.
RM-250 250 Liters 150 Liters 3 H.P.
RM-450 450 Liters 300 Liters 5 H.P.
RM-600 600 Liters 450 Liters 7.5 H.P.
RM-1100 1100 Liters 750 Liters 10 H.P.
RM-1500 1500 Liters 1000 Liters 12.5 H.P.
RM-2000 2000 Liters 1250 Liters 15 H.P.
RM-3000 3000 Liters 1875 Liters 20 H.P.
RM-5000 5000 Liters 3000 Liters 25 H.P.
RM-10000 10000 Liters 6000 Liters 40 H.P.