Hand Wash Liquid Soap Making Machine

Hand Wash Liquid Soap Making Machine Hand wash Liquid making machine Introduction Shampoo blending machine is our latest product research...

Hand Wash Liquid Soap Making Machine

Hand Wash Liquid Soap Making Machine, Liquid Soap Manufacturing Plant,Soap Making Equipment

Hand wash Liquid making machine Introduction

Shampoo blending machine is our latest product research and developed by our company which combined overseas superior emulsifier experience with domestic cosmetic enterprise feedback.

Hand Wash Liquid Soap Making Machine machine adopts stainless steel, scientific homogenizing system, reasonable scraper blending to ensure equivalent homogenizing and make product more smooth, even and bright.



  • The equipment consists of cabinet and blending tank.
  • 2,There is advanced scraper blending machine, with the working of eccentricity, the PTPE (F4) composite plate touch the boiler correctly and solve the problem of sticking materials. The ideal stepless speed adjustment device, can adjust rotation within 0-60rpm willingly.
  • 3, advanced homogenizing system, the homogenizer is in the bottom to ensure homogenizing material even with small productivity. The sealing adopts recycled water cooling system and can work long time, conquer homogenizing problem regarding to high viscosity materials. A frequency conversion speed adjustment controller to satisfy kinds of complicate ingredients (Emulsifying capacity 3 times per minute) upper homogenizer as option to work with upper homogenizing and emulsifying so that the material emulsifying effect is better; product is more bright and luminous.


  • Blending reacting boiler is mainly suitable for preparation of liquid detergents(such as cleanser essence,shampoo and shower cream etc)
  • Integrating blending ,dispersing ,heating and cooling etc. functions,the reacting machine is an ideal device for liquid perparation in various factories .

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Liquid soap shampoo making blending machine Performance and characteristic

It mainly includes the wax phase tank, water phase tank, emulsifying tank, operating platform and electricity controlling cabinet. With outstanding features at follow:

Processing Plant for Pharmaceutical

We are the Leading Manufacturer of Cosmetic manufacturing plant,which is used widely by Pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries. We engineer this range as per various national and international quality standards. In addition, we also customize these machines as per the requirements of clients.

Projects categories based upon Products

  • Shaving Cream Plant
  • Shaving Gel Plant
  • Shaving Lotion Manufacturing Plant

  • Face Wash / Body Wash Manufacturing Plant
  • Face Scrub / Face Cream Manufacturing Plant
  • Perfumery Manufcturing Plant

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