All You Need To Know About “V” Shape Blender

The V mixer is a well-liked by V Shape blender frequently used in the chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries etc....

The V mixer is a well-liked by V Shape blender frequently used in the chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries etc. These articles explain the feature, structure, benefits and function of the criterion of V Shape mixer


Shree Bhagwati Machtech makes Wide Product Range of V-shape blender is also known as twin shell blender is mainly used for the blending machine for the standardized mixing and lubrication development of dry powder. The appropriate average speed and the twin shell mixer are the additional beneficial features of this machine. The V-shape mixer machine facilitates effortless loading and unloading, easy cleaning. High superiority SS is used for the production of the V-type Mixer. It’s intended with fulfilment to worldwide GMP standards. The “V” shape of the Twin Shell blender machine gives enough permanent movement to the granules, consequence in superior quality.


V Blender Machine intended and contrived to achieve moderate and tremendously forceful mixing and blending of powder material. This machine capable of with two tending cylinders (vessels or barrels) fixed mutually at an angle 70°C to 90°C to form a narrowed “V” shape. In the shield when rotate, materials are separated and then mixed jointly. It is the mainly frequent kind of tumbling blenders that offers short blending times and well-organized blending.

In direct to complete good addition presentation from a V Cone Blender machine, it is advised to keep filling level up to 50% – 60% of total volume allow particle to move in a set prototype. Observance fill level beneath this fraction provides gratis space within cylinder throughout the blending method and allows particles to go after a smooth passage, which eventually minimize time taken for standardized blending.

V Shape Blender speed might also be a key to mixing competence. At inferior mixer speeds, the shave forces are low down. Although advanced blending speeds supply more shear, it can guide to superior dust resultant in separation of fine. This way that the fine turn into air-borne and stay on top of the powder divan once the mixer has been congested. There is also a significant speed which, if approach will reduce blending competence significantly. As the revolutions per miniature augment, the centrifugal forces at the tremendous points of the mixer will exceed the gravitation forces necessary for combination. As a result the fine particles shall be inclined to gravitate to the outer walls of the mixer shell. As the dimension of the mixer increase, the gyrator speed decrease frequently in amount to the marginal speed of the mixer tremendous. V shape cone Blenders are intended to function at 50% to 80% of the significant speed.


Te most important mechanism of mixer in a V-Blender is dispersal. Distribution of combination is considered by minute scale random motion of solid particles. Mixer actions enhance the mobility of the individual particle and thus support diffusive amalgamation. Dispersal blending occurs where the particles are dispersed over a newly urbanized interface. In the absence of segregate belongings, the diffusive blending resolves in time go ahead to a high degree of homogeneity. V-Blenders are consequently favoured when exact blend formulations are necessary.


Various types of blenders and mixers are obtainable on the market for manufacturing and business use. As a consequence, it is significant to ensure the collection of the accurate equipment for the function and industry in which it will be used. Meanwhile different types of blenders are available in Bhagwati Machtech since we are the India’s NO 1 in Pharmaceutical equipment. In decide whether machine for V Shape mixer can available here for highly accuracy machine in addition to study more about the most appropriate application for this sort of paraphernalia.

V Shape Mixers offers a number of benefits, as well as the fact that this sort of mixer can reduce the particle size decrease due to short of any affecting blades. As a consequence, V Shape Cone blender is appropriate for use with easily broken materials.

As well, this type of mixer works to get rid of the product blemish. The figure and intend of the V shape mixer also makes it moderately trouble free to clean.

At the same time as V mixers does offer many benefits, there are some possible drawbacks, as well as the fact they are not characteristically appropriate for mixing particles of dissimilar density and size that could separate at what time they are discharge.

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The V blender is also called Twin Shell blender.

V blender is a machine type that operates to achieve a homogeneous mixture of materials by the movement of the mixing vessel.

The movement takes place explicitly in the two arms of the cylinders which assume an inclination of 70° to 90° to form a ‘ V’ shape design.

The shape is especially good at enhancing the intermixing of the products.


In the cylindrical arms during tumbling the products always splits and recombines.

The rotation makes the batch to divide thereby moving into the two separate wings.

Of course, the mixing mechanism is possible thanks to the gravitational force acting on the materials.

The operation is quite simple since it’s independent of several factors.

The process, therefore, brings you several advantages when working with this machine.

Imagine, working with such a machine?

Next, we focus on the benefits.

Advantages of V Blender

The unique configurations of the blender make it achieves some higher heights unachievable by other groups of mixtures.

We can attribute all these benefits to the features of the mixer.

Below are some of the conveniences you get if you work with a V- Blender.