Shampoo Manufacturing Plant

Shampoo Manufacturing Plant General details of SHAMPOO MANUFACTURING PLANT Our Shampoos mixer for viscous liquids, containing 20–40% solids , either...

Shampoo Manufacturing Plant

shampoo manufacturing plant


Our Shampoos mixer for viscous liquids, containing 20–40% solids , either clear as well opaque (penalized),  adjusted to approximately pH 5.5. Most , Shampoo viscosity in the ratio of 500–1500 centipoise depend of shampoo brands. Hair  and shampoo both products detergent industries specifically manufacturing with formulated for the washing of hair and hand washing product packaged in a user-convenient form… shampoo filling machines.You can find various forms of shampoos like

  • Liquid  / viscous clear shampoos.
  • viscous Liquid cream or cream lotion shampoos.
  • Cosmetic Cream paste shampoos.
  • Egg shampoos.
  • Beer shampoos
  • Dry shampoos & liquid dry shampoos.
  • Baby shampoos.

Company Product  offer wide range of Pharmaceuticals  , Cosmetics , API and Bulk Drugs , Food and Beverages , Chemical Processing , Ayurvedic and Herbal Industries

cosmetic shampoo manufacturing machine

Ointment – Cream manufacturing / Cosmetics Industries Cream / Ointment manufacturing plants Planetary Mixer Contra/ semi contra mixers Shampoo / Moisturizer / Lotion manufacturing Vessel Storage vessels & Transfer pumps API / Bulk Drugs & process Industries Blenders (Vertical Blender, Ribbon Blender, Double Cone Blender) Vacuum Dryer (Roto cone, RVD, Vacuum Tray Dryer) Material Handling Devices Reactors, Heat Exchangers Receivers Distillation column & any tailor made equipments …

  • Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant
  • Contra Rotating Mixer
  • Shampoo Manufacturing Plant
  • Hair Oil Manufacturing Plant
  • Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant
  • Talcum Powder Manufacturing Plant
  • Planetary Mixer
  • Gel Manufacturing plant
  • Cream Manufacturing plant

Type of Equipmentfor cosmetics manufacturing

Body Care and Cleaning manufacturing plant

Products Lotions / Creams / Gels

Mixer and Skin Protection Products manufacturing plant

Mixer and manufacturing plant  for Sun Creams and Lotions / Sun Gels
After Sun Products manufactuirng plant
Hand Washing Paste manufacturing plant
Liquid Soap manufacturing plant

Hair Care Products manufacturing plant / Mixer

Shampoos manufacturing plant / Mixer
Conditioners manufacturing plant / Mixer
Intensive Hair Treatments manufacturing plant / Mixer
Hair Dyes and Colorings manufacturing plant / Mixer

Many other Cosmetics products
manufacturing plant / Mixer

Tooth Paste manufacturing plant / Mixer
Deodorant stick paste manufacturing plant / Mixer
Mascara manufacturing plant / Mixer
Shaving Creams manufacturing plant / Mixer
Bath Additives manufacturing plant / Mixer
Foot care Products & Many more…….manufacturing plant / Mixer we can make as per customer requirements customized

paste manufacturing plant / mixer
paste manufacturing plant /
shampoo manufacturing plant
paste manufacturing plant
cream manufacturing plant