100 Ltr Ribbon Blender Machine Price

MODEL RB100 SS304 Drum Capacity 100 Ltr Approx Kg ~20-80 kg Bowl SS304 RPM with VFD Drive 5-35 RPM Bowl...
mass mixer
RB100 SS304
Drum Capacity
100 Ltr
Approx Kg
~20-80 kg
RPM with VFD Drive
5-35 RPM
Bowl Thickness
3 mm
Ribbon Thickness
6 mm
~90 Kg
Motor HP
1 HP

Ribbon Blender Machine Price – High Capacity, High Efficiency


The Ribbon Blender Machine from Abster Equipment represents the pinnacle of blending technology, designed for businesses seeking high-capacity and efficient mixing solutions. Powered by a 3 HP Single Phase or Three Phase Electric Motor, this machine boasts a container capacity of approximately 50 liters per batch, ideal for medium to large-scale production demands.


Weighing 115 kg, the Ribbon Blender Machine operates at a ribbon rotation of 35 RPM, ensuring a thorough and homogeneous mix of a variety of materials, from powders to granules. The machine’s Full Body SS304 food-grade Stainless Steel bowl and SS202 structure guarantee durability, safety, and compliance with the highest hygiene standards.


Abster Equipment Ribbon Blender Machine is an essential tool for industries that require consistent and efficient mixing capabilities. Its robust construction and optimized design make it suitable for applications in food processing, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, where quality and precision are paramount.


In summary, the Ribbon Blender Machine price reflects its value as a high-capacity, efficient, and reliable solution for various mixing needs. It embodies Abster Equipments  commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality machinery that enhances the operational efficiency of businesses across multiple sectors.

A Standard Reactor Blender it has Horizontal Trough with Jacket to insure of the heat exchange use to heating or cooling process also with a central Ribbon Type Rotor specially designed blades.

In Ribbon Blender jacketed the indirect heating is achieved by circulating hot water, Thermic oil or steam through the jacket.

HORIZONTAL U SHAPE RIBBON MIXERS / BLENDERS Conical mixer is made based on the principle of rotation and revolution, conveying the material along with the axle by means of rotation. Simultaneously, the material is upward and downward cycled by gyratory stirring along wall surface of cone, with the central revolution. The even mixing can be performed in the shortest time Conical Ribbon Blenders are available in different sizes such 100 liters to 5000 liters also with as per customer’s requirement some modifications also can be done.