EO Sterilization Machine

EO sterilizer Machine Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Equipment Turnkey project for ethylene oxide sterilization We design, manufacture, control and qualify Ethylene...

EO sterilizer Machine

eo sterilization machine

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Equipment

Turnkey project for ethylene oxide sterilization

We design, manufacture, control and qualify Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers (EO/ETO) for the sterilization of thermo sensitive products (sensitive to heat and humidity) like syringes, catheters, dialysis cartridges, plastic dressings, sutures, etc.

We are Ethylene oxide sterilizers manufacturer, the perfect method for medical device sterilization. Apart from designing and manufacturing the sterilizer, we also provide all the ancillary equipment in order to offer a complete sterilization unit by ethylene oxide process.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Chambers – EO machine

Our EO Sterilizer design is modular type and gives the main advantage to divide the risk area in order to reduce the probability of having a potential explosive atmosphere. Those projects are customizable as we offer a very flexible design, according to the client requirements. Our ETO Sterilizer chambers are prepared to work either with All in One cycle, or with preconditioning and degassing cells. We also propose all the ancillary equipment for turnkey projects.

Our standard design for ETO Sterilizer machines goes from 4 Euro pallets up to 32 Euro pallets model, but are not limited and the dimensions and design can be adjusted according to the final user needs.

Abster™ designs for ETO sterilization plant:

ETO sterilizer specifications

  • Flexible design, based on several modules,
  • High efficiency, optimizing energy consumption and cycle time,
  • Excellent EO concentration and temperature uniformity (+/3ºC),
  • Use of 100% EO (+N2) as well as 90/10 mixture, to limit the chamber internal pressure (<+0,5b),
  • High safety level, delivering ATEX certificate (zone 1 / zone 2),
  • Use of well known brands for all the components,
  • GMP designs and comply with the most stringent European standards,
Under certain conditions, the products sealed in the sterilization room are fumigated with ethylene oxide gas to achieve sterilization.

Technical information:

Volume of inner container

1,3,6,10,15,20,25 m3

Material of case body

Quality stainless steel

Sterilizing temperature

0-100℃,PID adjustable

Sterilizing pressure


Sterilizing humidity


EO concentration




Times of air change


Ventilation time


Max.Electri heating power


Max steam heating power


Power source

3-phase, 4-wire,380V, 50HZ





Specifications Outside size(L*W*H)

Transport size(L*W*H)

Inside size(L*W*H) Net volume
EO-25 10500*3150*2875mm 10500*2100*2400mm 10000*1500*1700mm 25.5m3
EO-20 9450*2950*2875mm 9450*1900*2400mm 9000*1350*1700mm 20.655m3
EO-15 7200*2950*2875mm 7200*1900*2400mm 6750*1350*1700mm 15.491m3
EO-10 4950*2950*2875mm 4950*1900*2400mm 4500*1350*1700mm 10.328m3
EO-06 3250*2950*2875mm 3250*1900*2400mm 2800*1350*1700mm 6.426m3
EO-03 2300*2300*2700mm 2300*1550*2350mm 1850*1000*1650mm 3.053m3
EO-01 1505*1790*1790mm 1505*1790*1790mm 1260*800*1050mm 1.058m3

ETO Sterilizer Machine we manufacturer