Marigold Essential Oil Extracting Machine

Marigold Essential Oil Extracting Machine Marigold Essential Oil Extracting Machine is uses the extraction of essential oil from merigold or...

Marigold Essential Oil Extracting Machine

Marigold Essential Oil Extracting Machine is uses the extraction of essential oil from merigold or say Tagetes erecta.

Marigold Essential Oil Extracting Machine, merigold essential oil extraction plant


Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity




Supply Power Dimension(mm)
Voltage Phase Length Width Height
EO-10 10 4.5 380/220 3 1300 550 1800
EO-20 20 5.5 380/220 3 1200 700 1700
EO-30 30 6 380/220 3 1300 800 1700
EO-40 40 7.3 380/220 3 1400 700 1800
EO-50 50 7.5 380/220 3 1600 850 1800
EO-60 60 8 380/220 3 1600 850 1850
EO-80 80 9 380/220 3 1700 850 1900
EO-100 100 12 380/220 3 1700 900 2100
EO-150 150 18 380/220 3 1800 900 2100
EO-200 200 25 380/220 3 1800 1000 2100
EO-300 300 38 380/220 3 1900 1000 2100
Note: Besides the above model, we also have 500L,1000L,1500L,2000L

3000L and above.

Marigold Essential Oil Extracting Machine

1. This equipment is to use steam distillation method was carried out on the material lie between water distillation extraction. 
2. The equipment is my company according to the essential oil extraction process, combined with advanced automation control system, developed by subminiature steam distillation extraction equipment. Reasonable structure design, superior performance. Simple and flexible operation, one can easily finish the experiments and production.

3. Use indirect heat conduction oil heating equipment, in ensuring clean, safe, under the condition of normal pressure can reach 100 °C high temperature quickly.Under the condition of the process allows, close vacuum pump, guide steam quickly through the condenser, the volatile oil quickly gather in the oil-water separator.

4. Vacuum cryogenic distillation, can has a better recovery of volatile substances.

5. Grade oil/water separation using laboratory glass pipe design, glass pipe diameter at 20 mm, facilitate oil separation and collection.

6. Distillation device built-in type multilayer blue, open structure, placed flowers and plants, all cleaning equipment is very convenient. 


Company Information:

Abster™ Equipment is a company which has more than 15 years experience in the design and production of food machine, medicine making machine and packing machine. The main products include extracting machine,dairy machine, fruit and vegetable processing machine, medicine making machine. Our machine has been exported to all over the world.

Our products are extensively used in food, beverage and many other industries with a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs.

Our products are widely recognized and trusted by the users, and able to meet the continuous change of economic and social needs.

Every new and old customer from all walks of life are welcomed to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!


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