Spice Blending Machine

Spice Blending Machine The Spice Blending machine is RIBBON BLENDER is ribbon mixer machine widely used for the manufacture of...

Spice Blending Machine

The Spice Blending machine is RIBBON BLENDER is ribbon mixer machine widely used for the manufacture of dry powder, talcum powder, granules, spice and low-viscosity paste and liquid in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries. It’s especially suitable for mixing solids with solids and solids with liquids, Approximate two third of the volume of the container of Ribbon Blender/mixer is filled to ensure proper mixing. Ribbon Blender mixer is Suitable for Pharmaceutical Materials, Crystalline, Insecticides, Pesticides, and Food industry and heat sensitive, Chemical and Cosmetic products handling large Dry and wet powder volume. It consists of a horizontal “U” Vessel with horizontally installed shaft.

Abster Make Horizontal Ribbon Blenders is an high efficient and versatile blending machines for mixing of dry powder, granule and viscous paste homogeneously. Ribbon blender mixer to given perfect r mixing due to the innovative designs of spiral agitators inside of its U-shape Cone chamber.

Ribbon blender with Screw conveyor , ribbon blender with bin , ribbon blender with sifter , ribbon blender with product transfer input and output , liquid spray systems, working plat form with variable speed drive or PLC base operation we offer as per customer product and process , Horizontal ribbon mixers range from 50-25000L or more capacity as per requested by customer .

Ribbon blender and mixer with stainless steel construction or Mild steel construction main body with stainless steel U shape mixer with bottom product discharge manual and auto valve , control panel , product bin etc we offering as per customer demand for wide industries Food, Cosmetic, Waterproof Porcelain Glazed Polished Vitrified Tile Strong Adhesive, Floor Adhesive /Ceramic, Chemical, Plastic , Dry Powder, Putty, Modified Corn Starch, Real Stone Paint, Animal feed, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Plastic, Battery etc…… We offer Quality with best mixer machines, mixing machine, blender, powder mixer manufacturers and suppliers by Abster Group of companies.

RIBBON Mixers has been developed with advanced technology to achieve high blending capabilities and is among the most efficient machines in the market. The ribbon mixing equipment can be used in either the batch or continuous flow form to achieve an even and homogeneous blend in a wide range of products.

The blending technology is widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical industries, food processing, animal feed processing, chemical, fertilizers, cosmetics, pigments, and also insecticides manufacturing. The vertical blender mixer is also important in the process of distribution of liquids and pasty products in micro dosages on to carriers.



  • Complete process of mixing and blending in one unit
  • Working capacity from 50L to 15000L
  • Suitable for mixing solids with solids and solids with liquids
  • Shorter batch time due to contra mixing ribbons
  • All contact parts are made of SS304/316L and mirror polished
  • Flush plug valve from discharging finished product without dead zone
  • The specifications of ribbon mixer comply with cGMP regulations
  • It achieves consistent and high shear mixing
  • Manufactured with high quality and durable materials
  • Versatile design which can be used in a wide range of materials
  • Able to achieve triple mixing action
  • Clean and hygienic operating process