Stainless steel mixing tank with agitator

Stainless steel mixing tank with agitator

Mixing tanks come in various sizes and can be used in a wide range of industries. Abster Equipment is a manufacturer of stainless steel mixing tanks designed to fit your products and processes. Our mixing tanks start as small as 50L but can go up to 10.000L or even bigger.

For processes such as mixing, blending, keeping it homogeneous, an efficient agitator or a combination of agitators is necessary. Let us know what you would like to achieve, and we will collaborate with you in order to arrive at the most efficient solution.

Options and applications

We understand that every application is different. Therefor our mixing tanks are configurable that way it will fit your product and process perfectly. Of course is a fully custom-made mixing tank also a possibility.

  • Tiltable
  • Integrated control panel
  • Agitators (see tab agitators)
  • Heated (Dimple, Halfpipe)
  • Cooled (Dimple, Halfpipe)
  • Loadcells
  • Level Switches
  • Cleaning connections
  • Skid mounted
  • Several finishing levels
  • Several materials (304, 316L, Duplex)
  • Gate agitator
  • Anchor agitator
  • Scraping agitator
  • Propeller agitator
  • Bottom driven agitator
  • Dispersing disk
  • Rotor/stator
  • Screw agitator
  • Combination of agitators
  • High shear mixer
  • Turbo mixer
  • Side entry agitator
  • Static mixer
  • External homogenizer

Soups and sauces
Tomato sauces Fruitfilling Mashed potato
Sauces Piefilling Mechanically Deboned Meat
Dressings Fruitpuree Ready-to-eat fillings
Salsa Jam Egg
Hummus Marmelade Jelly
Soup Fruitsauce Peanut Butter
Starch slurry Applepulp
Milkconcentrate Creams
Fat cream Cheese sauce Wax
Chocolate Yoghurt Toothpaste