Agitators manufacturers in India

Agitators manufacturers in India Abster Equipment Agitators Manufacturers offers mixing systems for Stainless and Alloy Steel Reactors. Our team of...

Agitators manufacturers in India

Abster Equipment Agitators Manufacturers offers mixing systems for Stainless and Alloy Steel Reactors. Our team of highly trained engineers will design an optimal mixing solution for your specific mixing requirement. we can recommend a superior agitator design that will optimize your mixing by reducing batch time and power consumption and improving product quality.

Find here various type of Agitators manufacturers in India



hydrofoil Agitators Manufacturers

These are most efficient axial flow impeller. It is recommended for blending, solid suspension, heat transfer etc. It provides maximum flow at minimum power. Mostly available in three blade version. But different number & width of blade are also common in special applications. This is also called as fabricated propeller



pitched blade impeller

These are axial flow impeller with considerable amount of radial flow. It produces suction when placed near the liquid surface. Hence used for blending of immiscible liquids, solid incorporation etc. It is also a preferred choice for applications where the viscosity change during the process is large. These are mostly available in four blade @ 45 degree. But different no of blade with various angles are also used depending on application.



counter flow type agitator

Flow generated by impellers tip is opposite to the bulk flow produced by the central part. In many case where the slurry fluidity reduces due to high solid concentration. Tip of the impeller provides momentum to the fluid near vessel wall. These are mainly used for slurry with high solid concentration. It efficiently operates at much higher impeller to tank diameter ratio and have higher flow capacity than conventional impellers.


disk type impeller agitator

Mostly used for gas dispersion application. Curve blade (Concave, parabolic etc.) disc can handle 2 to 6 times more gas than flat blade disk turbine. Power drop between gassed and un-gassed condition is very less than conventional flat blade disk impellers. Hence it is preferred choice for gas dispersion applications viz. Fermentation, Hydrogenation, Oxidation, Carbonisation, Ethylation etc.



helical ribbon type agitator

Helical ribbon impellers are designed especially axial and overall movement of the liquids. Such an impeller can be designed with an additional inner helix or auger used to pumping in the opposite direction. This is needed for the mixing of high viscosity materials. These impellers can also have one or two start helix. The quality of the final mixed product in these applications are very critical. Wall scrapers can be mounted on the impeller blades to improve heat transfer and homogeneity in sticky products.



anchor type agitator
Anchors/Gate type impellers are close-clearance impellers that fit the contour of the vessel. These impeller provide adequate mixing under the laminar flow conditions encountered in high viscosity applications for heat transfer. There are many applications that other type of impellers are integrated with the anchor. These impellers sweep the whole wall surface of the vessel and agitate most of the fluid batch through physical contact. Anchor impellers are used for liquid viscosity between 5,000 and 50,000 cP. When reaction/mixing homogeneity is required, other type of impellers are recommended.



high shear impeller

Disperser disk provides large amount of shear and mostly used for liquid-liquid dispersion, powder dissolution or de-agglomeration etc.



Stator rotor

Stator rotor is used when shear requirement is very high and desired particle size are in micron or sub-micron range. Colloid mill or other types of mills are used for still higher shear rates and sub micron level particle size.




These are most popular in liquid-liquid extraction. Mixer settler for metal extraction is preferred choice for this impeller.



curved blade impeller

These are most efficient for radial flow impeller and used for application where pumping in radial direction is required. Multi stage liquid-liquid extraction is preferred choice.

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