What is EtO sterilization?

What is EtO sterilization? 8CFT Eto sterilizer, Hospital Eto sterilizer, eto sterilizer for large hospital, 200 liter eto sterilizer, ETO...

What is EtO sterilization?

hospital eto sterilizer

8CFT Eto sterilizer, Hospital Eto sterilizer, eto sterilizer for large hospital, 200 liter eto sterilizer, ETO Sterilizer Machine,Ethylene Oxide SterilizerETO Sterilizer for Hospital, Cath lab ETO Sterilizer

What is ETO sterilization? What is Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Process?

ETO Sterilization Machine or say Eto Sterilizer is used to sterilize hospital instruments. Ethylene Oxide sterilization process ensures that a safe product is delivered each time. The time taken by the process varies as per the product which needs to be sterilized. Usually, the time taken lies between 36 to 48 hours while the exposed gas time is just 1 to 6 hours varies as per the product to be sanitized. Almost all healthcare products which are sensitive to high temperature and moisture can sterilize by this process where steam sterilization process will not work.

what is the Ethylene oxide sterilization process?

There are four primary variables used in this process. These are temperature, humidity, the time and gas concentration. In this process, a product which needs to be sterilized kept in a vacuum container. Then the product is exposed to ethylene oxide gas. Ethylene oxide gas is an alkylating agent that can disrupt the DNA of bacteria, micro-organisms thus stop them to reproduce in the product. Thus the Ethylene oxide gas is used to sterilize the healthcare products and instruments.

There are several advantages of ETO Sterilizer like they operate at a very low temperature, enjoys high efficiency which has the power of destroying the microorganisms which include the extremely resistant spores, large sterilizing volume or chamber capacity, non-corrosive to metal, rubber materials and plastic.

Abster™ is well known manufacturer, supplier of sterilizer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

The Ethylene sterilization process is conducted into three main phases which are the pre-conditioning phase, the sterilization phase, and the Aeration phase.

  1. 1. Pre-conditioning phase:This phase allows microorganisms to grow under controlled temperature and humidity. In this phase, the controlled temperature and humidity is provided such that the passive infectious agents, micro-organisms, and bacteria come into the active state.
  2. 2. Sterilization phase:This is the major phase in which the product is exposed to a sterilizing agent say ethylene oxide under a controlled temperature, pressure and humidity. The process can be used to sterilize multiple devices simultaneously.
  3. 3. Aeration phase:In this phase, Ethylene oxide gas is removed. The batch loads under a controlled temperature and humidity to eliminate the residue of ethylene oxide gas.
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Product forms ABster™ ETO Sterilizer
Power source AC415V,50Hz
Sterilizer size (Length × width × height): 2500×1900×1800mm
Sterilizer volume 100 litre
Sterilizer interior material 304 Anticorrosive stainless steel
Outer carton material Carbon steel with powder coating
Temperature during sterilization 50℃ ±3℃
Working pressure -60kpa
Maximum anti-stress value -150kpa
Humidity during sterilization 45%-75%
Pressure sensor The built-in pressure sensor automatically detects the pressure inside the cavity to ensure that the pressure in the cavity is accurate and effective.
Leakage rate of sterilization chamber The leakage rate is measured under the conditions of no-load and constant temperature in the sterilization chamber, the test pressure is -50kPa, and the measurement time is 1h. The average leakage rate within the measurement time is ≤0.16kPa / min.
Sterilization time 0-99 hours Adjustable
Vacuum speed 15-25 minutes to -60kpa
Air replacement Automatic ventilation, ventilation times and interval time can be set freely
Automatic control system One-key start to end, the whole process of automatic completion with printing records
Display status Display temperature, humidity, pressure, sterilization time, residual gas treatment time, frequency
Printer Record and print the sterilization information of the whole process for verification.
Humidity sensor The built-in humidity sensor automatically detects the humidity in the cavity to ensure that the humidity in the cavity is not less than 45% RH.
Temperature sensor The built-in temperature sensor automatically detects the temperature in the cavity to ensure that the temperature in the cavity is maintained within an accurate range of 50 ° C ± 3 ° C.
Humidification system Pulse humidification under vacuum to ensure that the humidity in the cavity is uniform and controllable; the humidity in the sterilization chamber should be controlled within the range of relative humidity 45% -80%;
alarm system High temperature alarm system, ultra-low pressure alarm system; When the sterilization temperature of sterilization chamber exceeds 59℃, the alarm shall be audible.
Vacuum rate Under no-load condition, the time for the sterilization cabinet to vacuum from atmospheric pressure to -60kpa should be ≤30min.
Vacuum system The use of oil-free vacuum pump, simple and convenient, fast vacuum rate, long service life.
Multiple protection functions With over – pressure and over – temperature protection function, more safe and reliable.
Heating system Adopt explosion-proof electric heating device, more convenient and fast

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