V Cone Blender – Design, Benefits and Applications

V Cone blender or V blender is a key equipment uses in the pharmaceutical industry which is more or less indispensable to it. This equipment uses for a number of blending applications. It is an open secret that pharmaceutical companies have to comply with all government laid norms and their production process must follow all the standards. V blender is a popular blender tumbler which is quite commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry.

Let’s take a quick look at the design and construction of V blender-

Design of V Cone Blender

The V Blender is also known as twin shell blender. This blender comprises of two hollow cylindrical shells which are joined at an angle of 75 to 90 degrees. When the blender tumbles the material inside constantly splits and recombines. The main mechanism of blending is diffusion in V blender. V Blender is designed in such a way that it helps achieves a homogeneous mixture of materials through the movement of a mixing vessel. The shape of this equipment enhances the intermixing of the products.
There is a gravitational force applying on the materials which makes the mixing process quite seamless.

Benefits of V Cone Blender

There are several advantages of a V Blender which are listed as under:

  • Precise Blending in Small Cycles

The mixer is capable of providing a blending variation of less than 2 percent and there are minimal trace components.

  • Capable of blending a wide array of products

V Blender helps you process a wide array of products with sheer ease. It includes both granules and dry powders. Owing to its low impact the blender is apt for blending fragile materials without getting the properties compromised. Lowly viscous slurry mixtures can be blended with utmost ease. Thanks to the design of V Blender.

  • Almost no reduction of material particle size

The material moves in hollow shapes in V Cone Blender. There are no choppers present in the blender which makes it easy to blend brittle materials.

  • Enhanced delivery of sticky products

Almost complete discharge is one of the major benefits of choosing V Cone Blender. This blender boasts of a 70 to 90 degree angle as stated earlier in this post. How does it help? The positioning aids enhance the delivery of sticky and non-free flowing products.

  • Easy cleaning

The internal and external grit has a clean surface polishing which makes sticking of the materials difficult on the surface. For this very reason, cleaning this blender becomes extremely easy.

  • Low maintenance of V Cone Blender

If you want to go for a blender that’s not too demanding in terms of maintenance, then V Cone Blender must be your first pick. Owing to its simple design and construction, the blender doesn’t succumb to mechanical breakdowns every now and then. Even routine cleaning and basic maintenance regime serves the purpose.

V Blender functions dust freely and the best part is that if needed, the manufacturer can also customize the blender to suit your specific needs.
Hope you found the post informative and useful. Stay tuned for more!