Why is a Blender agitator what you need most?

Why is a Blender agitator what you need most? What is a Blender agitator? A Blender agitator is a special...

Why is a Blender agitator what you need most?

What is a Blender agitator?

blender agitator

A Blender agitator is a special machine designed to mix solids and liquids. It is used to incorporate large amounts of solid food into a base liquid. It works through the centrifugal force generated by its impeller. When the liquid in question moves in a circular motion and at high speed, the so-called “Venturi” effect is generated, forcing the food to mix quickly and with excellent results.

Why you should buy a mixer or Blender?

You should buy a solid liquid mixer or blender when you are going to incorporate a large amount of solids in your manufacturing process, whether granulated or powdered. This type of equipment is essential in facilities purposed for reconstituting milk, adding sugar or sweeteners, gums, flavourings etc.

Manufacturers of blender agitators

A Blender agitator is ideal for the preparation of:


Juices from concentrate

Cordials and syrups

Milkshakes and Smoothies

Energy drinks

Powdered milk

The addition of additives, thickeners, bentonite etc…

Wine making

It’s not just a mixing it’s a technology.

These mixer agitators are comes in several specifications as per the need of our customers. The offered mixer agitators are tested from our end in order to deliver a defect free range to customers end. Our mixer agitators are developed with quality material under the direction of skilled professionals.


• Compact design
• Easy to install
• Dimensional accurate

1. Voltage 415 V / 220 V / 380 V
2. Material SS 304 or SS 316
3. Motor Power 1.1 – 7.5 KW
4. Color Steel True Colors

Abster make Agitators has taken its understanding of industrial tank mixers and agitators and applied it throughout its product line. Whether you are looking for large heavy-duty tank agitators, or mixers for bulk containers, ABSTER applies the same high quality engineering into its base designs.

ABSTER’s agitators and tank mixers are suitable for a range of different applications in industries from Energy and Natural Resources to Specialty Chemicals.

Select your tank type for more detail on your tank mixer, contact us directly or submit a request for quote with the information that you have.

Our background in agitators for the heavy industries of India is translated into unique and robust mixers and agitators for any tank or process. Abster understands that true quality begins with attention to detail – from propeller design to construction materials – mixer configuration is customized for your process.

The result is quality design and engineering that is guaranteed through our industry leading Solution Assurance.

Large Tank Mixers are the staple of the heavy industries in Gujarat and beyond. Energy and Natural Resources require large heavy duty tank mixers and this is the backbone of Abster™. Our large tank mixers combine power with efficiency. The type of engineering you expect from Abster Agitators.

This class of Top Entry Tank Mixers are generally applied to large tanks that range in volume from 2,500 – 100,000+ Gallons.

Our heavy-duty industrial agitators are configured to process your liquid application to your specifications. Abster is proud of its mechanical innovation, but our true value to you is in our understanding of your liquid and application.

Agitators manufacturer in Gujarat

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