Industrial Liquid Mixer Agitator

Industrial Liquid Mixer Agitator vertical industrial liquid mixer agitator with mixing rod for milk tank Industrial small tank detergent agitator...

Industrial Liquid Mixer Agitator

vertical industrial liquid mixer agitator with mixing rod for milk tank

Industrial small tank detergent agitator liquid mixer machine

Liquid Mixer Agitator Applications:

water treatment, petrochemical, electroplating textile printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical foods, food pickling, household, liquid storage, transportation, blending containers

Industrial Liquid Mixer Agitator

Mixer tank cabinet volume: 30L~3000L

We have a variety of liquid mixers, some of the parameters can be customized. If you need to choose the type or are interested in this product, please send us an inquiry, there will be professional technicians to provide services for you.

Main application

For process engineering ,such as blending , dissolution , medicament preparation, neutralization, solution blending, solid floating , coagulation, etc. It is widely used in water treatment, fine chemicals and terminal products.

Reduction motor drive, screw – propelled vane or two blade plain vane.
a) Mixing ability:100-5000L,motor power100~2200W
b) Working condition: barometric pressure,70℃
c) Structural material:304 stainless steel,316 stainless steel,316Lstainless steel,lined with epoxy resin,spray PTFE
d) Electrical specification:380V-50Hz-4p,IP55
e) Selection function:special motor,lined with epoxy resin,spray PTFE, paddle vane
f) Working restriction:Do not start up during the emptying process and shear sensitive material.

High Efficiency Industrial Mixing Tank Electric Liquid Mixer Agitator

INTRODUCTION:Abster designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of Liquid Agitators to suit every process requirement. Since our foundation, we have been providing agitators & mixing systems for customers all over the world, using cutting edge mixing and process technology, serving a broad range of industries.

In some cases, only one agitator with a single impeller would do the job well, but complicated condition also asks for several agitators with more than one impeller on each agitator to work together. Because there are so many choices of impellers available, it is always a big challenge for the users to choose the right impellers and their combinations in order to get the best solution. Abster is always ready to face the big challenge with our years of experience.

To design a Liquid Agitator, the shaft diameter and length, coupling & sealing, impeller type and size, speed, motor power are all tailored for specific purpose. Contact materials (carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, Duplex SS, Hastelloy, etc.) are selected according to the material nature. Different mounting modes are available to fit into the containers.

Installation and Set-up:Depending on the various conditions, for example, space available, processing requirement, etc, the Liquid Agitators can be mounted in different ways: Top mounted, side mounted or bottom mounted.

Top Entry Mixers

Top Entry Agitator
Top Entry Mixers, they are widely installed in all industries as long as there is a demand for liquid mixing. Flexible installations make the top entry mixer popular. They can be installed in many ways with lifting stand, pedestal, flange, and clamping device. They are portable, movable, or fixed onto walls and tanks.

Side Entry Mixers

Side Entry Agitator

Side Entry Mixers are very useful when the tank is deep but narrow, or when the top space of the vessel is limited for the top mounting. For large volume of storage tanks up to several hundreds cubic meters, the basic operation of blending and stirring is always executed with a side entry agitator (mixer), while a top entry mixer will be with too long shaft and require too big motor power. The side entry mixer is installed onto a lateral flange with certain angle from horizontal level, meanwhile certain degrees off center, in order to achieve the maximum vortex in the tank.

Typical Applications of Side Entry Mixers:
-Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) in coal-fired power generation
-General blending for bitumen, additives, lubricant, etc
-Storage tank cleaning for oil and gas industries
-Sludge aeration for waste water treatment
-Sugar dissolving in food and beverage industries

bottom entry mixer

Bottom Entry Mixers are outstanding when the liquid level in the tank can get very low during operation, or there is very limited space above or around the tank for either top or side mounted ones. What is more, strong vortex as well as aeration is greatly reduced with the bottom mounted mixers.

Different Impellers:

We offer a lot of impeller types for agitators:

– Anchor
Laminar flow, high viscosity between 5,000 and 100,000 cPs

– Gate
Laminar flow, high viscosity between 5,000 and 100,000 cPs

– Helical ribbon
Axial movement of the liquid; suitable for very high viscosity up to 25,000,000 cPs

– Hydrofoil (Hi-Flow)
High efficiency impeller, excellent pumping ability, low shear, low power consumption, with a strong axial flow, for moderate viscosity mixing up to 10,000 cPs

– Marine propeller
Most common type of mixing impeller, most effective axial flow, used at high speeds (750-3000rpm) with low viscosity fluids less than 4000 cPs

– Pitch blade (Turbine)
Combined axial and radial flows, especially effective for heat exchange, for moderate viscosity mixing up to 10,000 cPs

– Rushton
Radial flow impeller; for low to medium viscosity fluids, generating strong top-to-bottom flows with suitable baffles

– Saw disc (Dissolve agitator; Cowles agitator)
High speed impeller for dispersion applications, for moderate viscosity mixing up to 50,000 cPs, but up to several hundred thousand cPs when used in conjunction with multi-shaft mixers

You are welcome to send us an inquiry for a tailor-made solution for your special processing!
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